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Sustained Collaboration

We understand innovation is really a social phenomenon; every corporation is a contained society with its own unique history, culture, and organization. This is seen by some as a barrier to innovation, but we understand that the social matrix surrounding creative efforts within any company can be brought into play as a powerful resource for innovation.

Full Participation

Our clients become deeply immersed in our projects by participating with us in ethnographic fieldwork and making key contributions in workshops.

Working with Point Forward means partnering with leading specialists in revealing unexpected insights about consumer culture—something our clients often struggle to do systematically on their own.

Leveraging Deep Client Knowledge

We embrace our clients’ strengths and organizational cultures. This is essential for arriving at opportunity areas that are significant and achievable.

While we often broaden the starting research questions, and challenge client assumptions about consumers, we always do this guided and constrained by the client’s deep knowledge of their business challenge.