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We are engaged to explore areas of consumer life rather than just specific usages of an existing product or service. We build cultural explanations that make consumer worldviews understandable—revealing previously unrecognized product and service opportunities.

We’ve learnedthat seeing and experiencing real people in real contexts is crucial. The breadth and depth of what respondents reveal ranges from top-of-mind assumptions to deep emotional expressions.To develop respondents’ trust and navigate difficult conversations, we use thoughtful and rigorous techniques from anthropology, sociology, and psychology.


  • In-depth conversational interviews.
  • In-situ observations.
  • Video and photo ethnography.
  • Shop-alongs, drive-alongs, ride-alongs and other participant-observations.
  • Respondent diaries.
  • Homework assignments for respondents.
  • Respondent diagrams.
  • Semantic exercises: Exploring words, typology, and associations through card sorts.
  • Prototype evaluation.
  • Behavior change and displacement studies.
  • Street-work: Experiencing local venues and activities that respondents talk about, to further immerse ourselves in their culture and context.