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Kaiser Permanente


A new vision for the delivery of healthcare

As an integrated insurance and healthcare provider, Kaiser Permanente is in a unique position to challenge the models of healthcare delivery. In Project RAD we articulate a vision of the future of ambulatory care for the Southern California region that outlines the venues, operations and technologies needed to achieve it.

Intersecting two nearly separate domains—provider’s with patient’s

Today, the healthcare enterprise and patients exist in almost complete isolation, a gap that is bridged only by brief, sporadic interaction. This model of interaction results in wasted time, unnecessary steps, a lack of continuity, limited access, and insufficient engagement.

Life Integration is the concept of weaving healthcare into people’s lives. It is the underlying premise for Project RAD’s vision to shift the center of care from KP venues into member’s activities, relationships, and communities. Instead of asking the members to work around the way Kaiser Permanent’s system operate, strategies have been developed to bring healthcare to members.

Five platforms work together to serve a wide range of patients

Starting today and over the next 10 years, Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California region will implement five new service delivery platforms that constitute a system of outpatient care that moves them closer to the vision of life integration. The first of these platforms will be launched in early 2015.