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L’Oreal has been the undisputed market leader in mascara for decades
with brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal Paris. In response to recent
developments in the industry and as a strategic effort to become an
innovation leader, L’Oreal undertook an ethnographically-informed
innovation project in mascara.

 Mass-market retail was the focus of the study.  Point Forward worked with L’Oreal Marketing, R&D, and Manufacturing groups
from the beginning of the project, including L’Oreal participation in all the fieldwork.

The work revealed why women wear make-up, what makes mascara such an essential part of their make-up “system,”
how mascara is worn in-context, and what are the constraints of applying mascara.


New opportunities positioned mascara across a range of cosmetic “values” – from repairing, maintaining, enhancing to dramatizing. Opportunities also included concepts for new packaging, mascara formulas, and retail experiences.