Brandon Berry

Brandon is a social psychologist who helps companies create products and services that resonate with consumers at the level of identity and emotion.

In recent work with a healthcare company, he helped identify the importance of enacting familiar routines and rhythms for living a comfortable and meaningful life. This finding helped define a new strategic direction: to help people stay closer to their normal routines while receiving medical care or recovering from treatment. His team created a portfolio of services that give patients greater flexibility around when and where they can receive care.

In recent writing, he highlights the curious absence of naturalistic observation in customer insights research programs. He argues that naturalistic observation improves a research program by 1) making false impressions by research participants harder to maintain, 2) allowing verification of descriptions made by participants in interviews, and 3) revealing things that research participants are unable to describe or are unaware of about their behavior.   

Brandon received a PhD from UCLA and did postdoc work at Duke University.