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Understanding the Restaurant experience

For Chick-fil-A, it all starts with service. When a customer thanks a Chick-fil-A team member, the response is always, “my pleasure,” epitomizing a corporate-wide philosophy of service that is elevated, proud, and heartfelt. We worked with the Atlanta-based company to create a customer experience strategy that builds on this philosophy.  

Here are some of the ways we approached the challenge:

  • We looked at “micro-moments,” including the awkwardness of where to stand immediately after ordering (this insight led to their current practice of delivering the food directly to the table).

  • We examined the semiotics of the physical space—how the arrangement of the counter, the menu board, the tables, and the back kitchen convey certain meanings to customers.

  • We explored new food packaging options to emphasize a “food forward” strategy and to address growing environmental concerns.

  • We re-imagined the drive-thru experience to provide speed of service without sacrificing hospitality.