The meanings of Investing

We worked with a leading financial investment firm to understand how young, Silicon Valley tech workers think about investing and employee benefits. As tech companies try to attract and retain top talent, they have offered an increasing range of creative benefits and perks (e.g. world-class cuisine, massage, yoga, etc.). We interviewed employees and HR professionals to understand how our client can grow interest in traditional benefits like the 401(k).

Our research showed us that perks have qualities that make them more attractive to young tech workers: they're more immediate, more social, more tangible, and they create a sense of excitement. In contrast, the traditional 401(k) seemed stodgy and uninspired. The question became: how can we make the 401(k) more like a perk? Our multi-platform solution offered ways to shift the meaning of the 401(k) from "old-fashioned" and "boring" to something that resonates with the culture and values of the millennial generation.