Tom WIlliams

Tom co-founded Point Forward in 2001 and has led innovation projects across many different industries. An experienced field researcher, he has conducted over a thousand ethnographic observation and interview sessions in ten different countries.

In the area of consumer culture, Tom’s studies have included: how families care for elderly relatives, the opportunity for SUVs in India and Brazil, the role of greeting cards in the era social networking, breath freshening needs across different cultures and social situations, how people transition back to home after a hospital stay, the habits of workplace lunch breaks, and the ways people manage work/life balance.

His B2B projects have explored: the role of technology in small architecture firms, how physicians access information within their daily workflow, fitting new medical centers into the culture of local communities, how public school superintendents can be supported by philanthropy groups, how companies can offer more compelling 401k packages to employees, and helping inpatient nurses better navigate the busy chaos of their daily work.

Tom works with consumer insight and innovation groups from top organizations, leading programs that include ethnographic research, analysis sessions, and ideation workshops. Tom holds a BA in advertising from Michigan State University and an MA in sociology from Eastern Michigan University.